Project Manufacturing
Posted: 28 December 2007 03:58 PM
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I had created one project, book a sales order against that project number.Load the MDS from sales order. Run the MRP.
Now I got the job order number but not the purchase requisition number. I had done all the set ups of supplier base like Blanket purchase order, ASL, sourcing rule, assign it to the
assignment set of the same organization, included all those items in the assignment set.

To go head, I had done the misce. receipt of the material. Kept it in a project control sub-inventory.
While I am going for a completion transaction of Job in WIP, it fails. Gives an error like, quantity must be less than or equal to quantity available to transact.
In-fact there is sufficient on hand quantity available for that material in that particular locator.

Need your help to solve the issue.