HRMS Absence Management-UK Localization
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I am looking for notes/PPT’s on Absence Management…...for UK localization..

Can I get some info?


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Leave Management
High Level Setup details for the Leave Management and Accrual Plan Setup


Navigate to the element form
1.  Define an element Name and Description
2.  Select the classification as Earning or Information
3.  Select the type as ‘Non Recurring’
4.  Select the termination rule ‘Actual Termination, final close or Last Standard process’
5.  Select the option Multiple entry,
6.  Process in run(optional)
7.  Enter the qualification condition if needed
8.  Save the Element
9.  Create the link for the element
Absence Type form
1.  Enter the name of the Absence Type (Best Practice same name as the Element defined)
2.  Select the Category of the Absence
3.  Associate the element that is defined above
4.  Select the Input Value
5.  Units get selected same as the one which we defined in the element input value
6.  Select the Balance either Increasing or Decreasing
7.  Select the list of Reason for the LOV
You can end the setup if you want to just use the abscence element as the adhoc abscence type. To define the PTO accrual follow the below steps
Accrual Plan form
1.  Enter the Accrual Name (Same as the Absence Name)
2.  Select the Accrual Category, based on the category that is selected the balance will be displayed in the SOE
3.  Select the Accrual start date, based on the date we select the accrual balance will be calculated
4.  Accrual Units will be same as the Unit the we selected above in the Absence type
5.  Select the Accrual formula provided by the oracle or a custom formula based on the business requirement

6.  Select the carryover formula seeded one or the custom one based on the requirement
7.  Select the Absence information form the list.
8.  Based on the Business requirement select the Balance reset date e.g if you need to reset the accrual count on Jan 1st, select the option 1 January. We can also build our custom balance if needed
9.  Select the Period of ineligibiltiy: Legth, units or any custom formula
10.  Save the work.
11.  This will create 5 element and also link will be created automatically similar to the Absence element link
12.  Enter the accrual Band
13.  Optionally you can include Net Calculation Rule in addition to the once which is created during the accrual definition
14.  Save the work
15.  Attach the Accrual Plan to the employee assignment

Following are the elments created autmatically once an accrual plan is saved
•  Accrual Plan
•  Acrual Plan Payroll Balance
•  Accrual Plan Carried over
•  Accural Plan Residual
•  Accrual Plan Tagging
Try it out!!!

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