Debiting Different Material Account Combinations while Receiving Items
Posted: 23 August 2007 02:40 PM
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Hi all

This is my First Post.

We implemented Single org in 11i.

We are Purchasing around 2500 items from various suppliers, which relates to different groups.  For Eg.  We purchase speakers, Amplifiers, etc which are groupable under Public Address System and Cameras, lens, Video Recorders, etc. which are groupable under “Closed Circuit TV System”.

We have mentioned the Material Account to be debited on receipt at setup level (Wherever REquired).  And, Currently the common Materials account (Which is not System Wise) is getting debited on REceipt.

Eg. 01-90010-000-000-0000, where 1st Segment is Location and the 2nd Segment is the Real Account (materials Account) and 4th Segment is System (Which is null now).

We now have a new requirement as below :

We want to debit the Material Account along with the exact system to which each item relate to.  I.e, we want to debit “Materials-000-000-PAS” when we receive a Speaker and we want to debit “Materials-000-000-CCTV” when we receive a Lens.

Any suggestion is welcome.

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Posted: 22 April 2008 02:56 AM   [ # 1 ]
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You requirement is not very clear. It lookes like you want the receiving account to be defaulted based on the category of the item.

If you want to modify the Material Account (Charge Account) that defaults on the PO/REQ based on the Category of the Item. This can be done using the Expense Account Rules.