Oracle Purchasing with Other Oracle Applications Modules
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Oracle Purchasing integrates with a number of other Oracle Applications modules, including:

·      Oracle Order Entry

·      Oracle Inventory

·      Oracle Workflow

·      Oracle MRP

·      Oracle Projects

·      Oracle Human Resources

·      Oracle Alert

·      Oracle Quality

·      Oracle EDI Gateway

·      Oracle General Ledger
Oracle Order Entry

Once the internal requisition has been approved and interfaced to Order Entry, the sales order must proceed through the order cycle. This includes pick release, ship confirm, and inventory interface processing (not Supplier), which can automatically create internal sales orders in Oracle Order Entry. Internal sales orders are those that are ordered from another organization within your own company. The organization that fulfills the order is the selling organization, while the organization with the purchase requisition is the buying organization.
Oracle Inventory

Purchasing increases Inventory’s on-hand balance when POs are received and delivered. Internal requisitions, mentioned above, also affect demand once the item has been reserved and depletes the shipping organization’s on-hand balance once it has been shipped.
Oracle Workflow

There are two areas where Oracle Purchasing integrates with Oracle Workflow. The first is Account Generator, with a workflow process that defines the business rules in which account combinations are generated. The second area consists of some seeded approval workflow processes. These workflow processes read the approval business rules and hierarchies you set up in Oracle Purchasing, and they drive purchasing documents such as purchase requisitions and purchase orders through defined approval business rules and hierarchies.
Oracle MRP

The material planning process in Oracle MRP automatically generates purchase requisitions for raw materials (goods) or outside processing (services).
Oracle Projects

When you buy goods and/or services for a particular project, Oracle Purchasing, which allows you to capture project information on purchasing documents, integrates with Oracle Projects.
Oracle Human Resources

Oracle Purchasing shares employees and positions information with Oracle Human Resources. The two also share position hierarchies if approvals in Oracle Purchasing and Human Resources are set up to use the same position hierarchies.
Oracle Alert

Oracle Purchasing has some seeded alerts to help monitor exceptions and buyer performances, get notified with releases and expirations against planned and/or blanket purchase orders, and identify potential forecast overconsumption.
Oracle Quality

You can capture quality data, which will be automatically stored in Oracle Quality, during receiving. You can also make the capturing of quality data mandatory in Oracle Purchasing.
Oracle EDI Gateway

Oracle EDI gateways offers EDI capability to Oracle Purchasing. Supported purchasing EDI transactions in Oracle EDI gateways are Inbound Price/Sales Catalog (832), Inbound Response to Request for Quote (843), Inbound Ship Notice/Manifest (856), Inbound Shipping and Billing Notice (857), Outbound Planning Schedule (830), Outbound Shipping Schedule (862), Outbound Purchase Order (850), and Outbound Purchase Order Change request (860).
Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Purchasing posts encumbrance entries and receipt accrual entries to Oracle General Ledger


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