Cancelling Mass Invoices
Posted: 09 June 2007 03:43 AM
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Hi Gurus

We have been trying to find a way to cancel mass invoices that we nolonger need to due a sell of one of our Business Units. We have more than 20000 invoices that we need to cancel but we are running into a problem that since in Oracle Applications one can cancel only a few number of invoices at a time and there is nothing like a program that one can run to cancel mass at once.

We have also tried to write a script so that we can do it from the back end but when I checked in the Trace file from cancel invoice process it appears that this process calls alot of Packages eg ap_cancel_pkg, ap_invoices_pkg, ap_accounting_events_pkg; there are a lot of these packages in the trace file.

Alot of updates are done in the whole process.

By any chance is there one who knows how we can cancel these invoices quick and without having to resort to canceling single invoices at a time?

Thanks for the help.