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Posted: 24 May 2007 10:49 PM
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I would like to share - How to create login and get access to the free online courses.

Pls go thru this page before you proceed to next step: (in this page read the account related informations)

Now, there will be 2 cases;

Case 1: Existing Oracle users (like OLN / OTN)

If you have already an account, you need to logon the web page:

(Look at the top - right hand side of the page for Sign-in / Register link)

1 - Provide your user name and password at the Single Signon page; on successful login it will lead to your profile page.
2 - There you can see a “My Community Memberships” heading under which there will be check box options.
3 - Choose / ensure to select “Oracle University Knowledge Center” option.
4 - At the bottom of the page “Confirm” it.
5 - For Security Alert pop-up say Yes.

Now it will load a page with your First name @ top right corner and below that you should see:
“OU Knowledge Center Member Login”

- Provide the same user name / password (mostly user name will be the mail ID)
- On successful login it will lead to automatically, if not pls enter in the same browser page itself (This might be caused due to cookies)
- Launch the catalog and look for “Free Trial Area”.

Case 2: New members

Register yourself with mandatory informations from the following URL:

- Ensure to check all the option under “My Community Memberships” (improtantly option B)

A. Oracle Applications Community
B. Oracle University Knowledge Center
C. Oracle Technology Network

Follow the step 4 of case 1.

Hope this will help to access the

Happy Learning !


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Hello Revathi:
Thanks for sharing with the user community the detailed steps to access Oracle University Knowledge Center (OUKC), a.k.a.
I have been an user of the site since its beta launch in 2001
It’s indeed a great storehouse of information.
Best wishes.


Best of Luck!
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