Types Of application Patch
Posted: 21 May 2007 07:53 PM
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There are several different types of patches following are more common patches

One-Off Patch
This is simplest Patch to resolve a specific bug

Minipack Patch
Collection of One of Patches and enhancements related to a particular module. Alphabetic character denotes the Minipack version for the module.

Family Pack Patch
Collection of Minipack patches for a particular family group of application modules

Maintenance pack patch
This is collection of family packs that serves as point level release upgrade

Consolidated patch
Collection of one-off fixes for a family pack or maintenance pack Oracle Application 11.5.10 Consolidated Update 2 (CU2) is an example of consolidated patch.

Interoperability patch
Patch that is required for application to function with a newer version of technology stack

NLS patch
Patch that updates language specific information for multi language installation

Rollup patch
This is a collection of one off patches that update code levels for particular product

Legislative patch
Special patch for HR payroll customers it contains legislative data for multiple countries


Ahmad Bilal

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Thanks so much for this very important post Ahmad. I work as a support consultant, and patching and upgrades are activities we
do every now and again. However, being from a functional background, I had never really got to know what all these various patches are all about. I now have a clear understanding of what each patch does, and what its role is.