OLM : Implementing Feedabacks
Posted: 26 August 2005 03:35 PM
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Hi all,

I am working with a customer who wants to implement feedbacks in Oracle Learner Management (formally known as OTA). The requirements are as follows -

1. Allow an administrator to fill in feedbacks for learners. This is mainly for offline classes.

2. Ability for the learner to provide an online feedback after the end of the class. That is after the class is closed and the play button is disabled.

3. Email alerts with links to the feedback page to the learners.

The feedback system has to be based on self service. The feedbacks can be about a variety of things ranging from trainer, facilities, course content etc. The feedbacks can also be anonymous.

Currently the customer is planning to implement feedbacks as tests but there are obvious limitations to this approach. For example the feedback cannot be provided offline, cannot be anonymous, cannot be provided after the class is closed. I am thinking of suggesting a custom solution with its own page, tables and functions.

Any thoughts/insigths/suggestions will be highly appreciated.



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