seeking guidance…!! plz help…!
Posted: 12 March 2007 01:06 PM
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hi frenz..

hope all are duin good..

i wanted some guidance on how to launch myself in the Oracle apps arena..i aim to be a functional consultant in one of the modules..but i am an absoute fresher..i have strong communication and interpersonal skills..i am a quick learner too..but at the same time my technical skills, ie programming etc are wel pretty weak..

So based on my strong points i decided upon the aformentioned as my career what i would wanna know from all you experts is wether what ive made is the right choice given my strenghts n weaknesses..

And if it exactly do i start…do i join one of those awfully expensive courses? is it worth all the moolah we give away? i have millions of other questions to ask but i guess for a start this would do..!

hoping to get some good insights..

Thanks in advance frenz

your buddy

anish thomas
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Posted: 17 August 2007 10:38 PM   [ # 1 ]
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Hi anish,

Excellent attitude and spirit in your words. You have an amazing future…...

nobody came down to earth learning everything, All that they have learnt is been learnt from only from here, where you and me are there…..Hence plan your future.

If you are not good at Programming, nevermind, choose DBA (administration ). Join a course, do a certification… Get reference and get into any company….Serve them…Learn more…

Come out in 2 years from that company, aim a CMM 5 level company, get into it with your experience and education. Sell yourself better in the interview ......

Harvest thereafter…....

Nothing is true in this world….It is just a rough plan….

I hope you can frame better than this….

Good Luck…

Thanks and Regards,

Posted: 16 October 2007 06:29 AM   [ # 2 ]
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True Spirit Dude.

You can also try be a functional consultant.It doesnt require that you need to be too good in programming for this.

All you require is a strong basic idea of real life situations in a factory/financial institution.

Programming can be picked within weeks.