Oracle Supports Christmas Gift !
Posted: 12 December 2006 09:03 PM
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Diagnostic Tools For Period/Year End Closure Activities;

Oracle Support has an early Christmas gift for all organizations running Oracle Applications and close their books and financial years at the end of December. Luckily, I finished that activity in October; I’d really hate to do it in December whilst gearing up for the festive season.

Nevertheless, Oracle Support has released a list of diagnostic tools to give you a very much needed heads-up, as to what might affect and hamper your year end closure, and ultimately interrupt your festive season. In order to get the latest version of tests available, you’ll need the following patches;

1. Oracle Diagnostics Framework 2.4 or later

2. Oracle Support Diagnostics 6.9 or later

Below is a list of the Diagnostics Oracle has recently released for each product. (Those with access to metalink you can refer to Document ID 402237.1 for details);

1. For Oracle Fixed Assets, there is the Oracle Assets Period Closing Activity Diagnostic Test. This analyzes the depreciation status of a given book over a given period of time.

2. For Oracle General Ledger there is Oracle General Ledger Period Closing Activity Diagnostic Test; This diagnostic test will assist with checking that a set of books period is ready to close in General Ledger.

3. For Oracle Payables, there is the Oracle Payables Period Closing Activity Test. This diagnostic test will help in determining if a period can be closed and if not, why it cannot be closed. I can imagine this test is of immense value. I was on the AP period end closure team and we mainly relied on running reports to determine which periods are open, which transactions are outstanding/unaccounted and why. Some of the reports we used were the AP Trial Balance, the Unaccounted Transactions Report, the AP Accounting Health Check diagnostic, and a several others. This was quite a tedious and time consuming process; considering that our client more often than not operates multiple open periods. I’ll be sure to call upon this diagnostic tool in next years FYE closure.

4. For Oracle Receivables we’ve got Oracle Receivables Period Closing Activity Test. This tracks down and reports unposted items for a given period in the primary book and its associated reporting books if any.

5. Oracle Cost Management has the Oracle Cost Management Period Closing Activity Test which will verify pre-requisites for a successful inventory period close related to costing.

6. Oracle Inventory has the Oracle Inventory Period Closing Activity Test is available. This diagnostic test checks all mandatory and recommended requirements necessary to allow a successful Inventory period close.   

Oracle also has availed Closing Period Test Sets. For the Financials Suit of Products, it’s given the IZU_IZU_FIN_CLOSING test set, which contains diagnostic tests verifying readiness of a period to be closed and identifying potential issues preventing successful closure of the period. The tests are executed for Assets, General Ledger, Payables, and Receivables.

For the SCM and Distribution suit of applications, it’s given the   IZU_IZU_DIST_CLOSING test set. This test set contains diagnostic tests verifying readiness of a period to be closed and identifying potential issues preventing successful closure of the period. The tests are executed for Inventory.

By and large, for any one who is working in a support environment, module diagnostic tools are very imperative in investigating product flaws and faults, particularly those that pertain to the product back-end, and ensuring timely resolution of issues.

Year end closure can at times prove to be a night-mare, especially when you have thin dead-lines to close all your sub-ledgers, do your reconciliations to the GL, and produce your financial statements. I guess this time not!

Happy Holidays