Liability Account in AP Out of Synch with GL
Posted: 08 November 2006 01:05 PM
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Hi All,

I have an issue here where the balance of the Liability Account(Trade Creditors), in the AP Trial Balance does not match the
balance of the same account in the GL Trial Balance. I raised a Service Request a while ago, with metalink and I was given SQL’s to determine whether the following scenarios below could have caused the problem;

1. Entries in AP that do not seem to be in GL, because they were deleted from the GL interface.

2. Entries that are in both AP and GL yet have different CCIDs or different amounts. If this query returns rows it indicates that data was changed in the GL interface prior to import.

3. Batches that have been transferred to the GL and imported but not posted. If this query returns rows then the reason these are not posted should be investigated.

4. Query to determine AP side for any entries that do not have GL_SL_LINK_IDS. If rows are returned from this query it may indicate that the standard AP to GL transfer program was not run or some type of data fix was performed.

5. Query to determine any entries that are not in AP. If this query returns rows it indicates that somehow the AP side was reset,
probably due to a data fix.

6. Query to check all the liability accounts in GL that were used in AP for this period for data that did not come from AP. If this query returns rows it means that either two products are using the same Liability account or that entries have been manually entered into the GL.

7. Query to validate that accounts used a liability accounts do not have other line types.

8.Query to validate that all LIABILITY lines in AP_AE_LINES_ALL that have been marked as transferred are in the AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE table. If this query returns rows the AP to GL transfer program may have aborted mid run.

9. SQL To validate that all rows in AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE exist in AP_AE_LINES_ALL. If this query returns rows it indicates that some type of data fix has been done and the AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE table needs to be rebuilt.

10. Query to check that the values in AP_AE_LINES_ALL are the same as the values in AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE.
If this query returns rows it indicates some type of data fix has been done.

Non of the above SQL’s returns rows. I have also ensured that all AP journals hanging in the GL_interface tables have been imported into GL and posted. The imbalance still remains though.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? If so, please share your resolution action plan. Secondly, would you know any other common causes of discrepancies between the AP sub-ledger and GL?