Evaluating Source code and Version Control Strategies for Oracle EBS – Considering various commercial vendors VSS, PVCS, or CVS Open Source.
Posted: 18 August 2006 04:22 AM
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As part of an overall SOX initiative, I am looking for a new way to manage source code.  The project I am on is currently using CVS Open Source.  I know there are other ways to manage version control in Oracle E-Business environments.  My client has asked me to evaluate several solutions and present a short list.  I want to recommend a mainstream solution because they use contract developers frequently and would rather not train developers on an off-the-wall solution. 

Here are the main requirements:

•  Checkin / checkout processes
•  Build / release bundling
•  New version promotion
•  Version Control and archiving
•  SOX auditable approval process

I have been looking at Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) and PVCS Version Manager.  I have found a hosted PVCS service at http://www.cmwebcenter.com which is both hosted and is pre-configured for Oracle EBS, but wanted to get some input from other development and DBA professionals who routinely work with source code in Oracle ERP environments that have multiple instances.

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments that you may have with VSS or PVCS.  I am open to other suggestions, such as continuing with CVS Open Source, but I am thinking that VSS may be the most common.  I want to make the right choice for my client and would appreciate your thoughts.  Will VSS meet SOX audit standards?

Any experiences about how to package the source code promotions and release bundling into a larger Change Management testing, issue and defect system would also be appreciated.  Maintaining synchronization across Oracle instances is a challenge. hmmm

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We use Mercury’s IT Governance products coupled with PVCS for change management and source code control.  The Mercury tools were formerly known as Kintana (before Mercury bought them).  We use it globally, and it will help you with maintaining synchronization across your Oracle instances.  It’s not cheap, but from a controls standpoint it does the job and then some.  Our SysAdmins are responsible for maintaining the product (along with the DBAs), and the developers will need to be trained on it’s use.  I believe it will also work with other code control products besides PVCS.  Check out their web site at http://www.mercury.com.

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Michael Siebert