How do I create Purchase Order Revisions using Interface Tables?
Posted: 27 July 2006 02:44 AM
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I’m trying to create revisions to existing Purchase Orders using interface tables: PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE, PO_LINES_INTERFACE and PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE. I’ve successfully used these three tables to create the initial Purchase Order (i.e. revision 0). However, when I try to create a subsequent revision, I receive various errors implying that I’m trying to store a duplicate PO Revision 0 (eg. duplicate po_header_id, duplicate document_num (po), etc.). First of all, can I use these interface tables to create subsequent revisions? If so, what are the proper parameters. I tried using ORIGINAL and ADD as the ACTION column for the PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE table.  Both resulted in the duplicate errors mentioned above. Is there a different ACTION value for creating subsequent revisions. Obviously, I have to be able to provide either the document_num (PO) or the po_header_id value for revision 0 on these subsequent revisions or Oracle will not know which PO to tie the new revision to. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.