RD050 FOR Fixed Assets !!Urgent please help!!
Posted: 30 May 2006 09:38 PM
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Hi I am trying to find a completed RD050 document for Fixed Assets but it seems that there is nothing on the Internet. I don’t care if it it’s for a DEMO (non-existing) company or not. I want to understand how to write one for the project I am working for. I’ ve wrote RD020 many times but never an RD050. Please help me. Any suggestion, direction or even better file would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Constantine

PS. I’ve the latest RD050 template from AIM 3.0, but with no example data it’s of no use to me.

Posted: 29 August 2008 02:36 AM   [ # 1 ]
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Hi Konstanitos,

You had mentioned that you had written RD020 documents several times. I am in the lookout for a completed RD020 document. Can you please one of your RD020 documents?


Posted: 23 April 2009 03:05 PM   [ # 2 ]
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These are all the important topics to complete the RD050 document.

1.  Introduction (A. Overview, B. Timelines, C. Additional Factors/Risks)
2.  Current Business Process Baseline (A. Process In Scope B. Process Out of Scope)
3.  Assumptions
4.  Future Requirement & Processes (A.  Summary Requirement List – Requirement ID, Requirement Category, Subject Matter Experts Name, Business Process Description)
                                          (B.  Detailed Requirements List - Requirement ID, VOC ID, Functional Requirement)
5.  Open Issues
6.  Closed Issues

Augustin Pandian


Thanks & Regards,
Augustin Pandian 😊