Need to talk to OTM Specialists/Consultants please…
Posted: 02 July 2010 12:29 AM
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As an OTM Specialist, you participate in the full lifecycle of an OTM engagement to deliver a complex, comprehensive business solution. You guide less experienced product consultants in setups, integration best practices, and client interviewing strategies, and you review deliverables for quality assurance purposes. In this role, you help to define and justify the business case, develop implementation plans, track progress against plans, provide expert functional and product recommendations to the client, and manage client expectations. You are recognized by your practice for your functional knowledge, methodology, and product knowledge related to your specialty area(s).
In this role, you capitalize on opportunities to demonstrate your Catalyst and vendor methodology expertise and educate others in this arena. In addition, you apply your knowledge of industry, product and functional best practices, related technology trends, and vendor future direction as you guide the client toward the appropriate business solution. You are also sensitive to business development opportunities, looking beyond the boundaries of the application product to see business benefit in bolt-on solutions, custom solutions, and systems integration potential. Your sphere of influence now expands to include functional area senior management, delivery assurance personnel, program directors, practice managers, senior-level team leads, and CSC account managers.
5+ Years Oracle OTM Product Exp - 10+ years overall TMS experience
5+ (GLOG,
Functions as Solution/Technical Architect working in liaison with other OTM Team members and the Project Manager Interacts with senior members of project team and client team members.
Multiple industry expertise
Provides strategic leadership to best practices 100% travel - Mon-Thurs required


Essential Job Functions
    Gathers process redesign requirements; coordinates and participates
    in development activities and support the testing and implementation
    of package-based application software (Business).
    Builds expertise in interface and data conversion requirements,
    capabilities and limitations, and setup and configuration issues
    associated with product modules in specialty area(s) (Business).
    Understands the purpose, roles and activities related to a solution
    demonstration lab (SDL) and participates in applying this technique
    to facilitate application design and implementation (Business).
    Develops working knowledge of the Catalyst-prescribed approach with
    respect to package-based development and equivalent vendor
    methodologies (Methodology).
    Leads a team of 3-5 resources (company, client and third-party
    resources), in area of expertise, to conclusion of a project phase
    Maintains conceptual understanding of enterprise software package
    solutions and related implementation issues from a technical
    perspective (Technical).
    Establishes credibility at all levels within the client and builds
    problem-solving partnerships with the client and colleagues
    (Relationship Management).
    Understands the sales process, its information and support
    requirements, and assists business developers in identifying or
    qualifying leads (Leverage).
    Provides leadership and work guidance to less experienced personnel