Performance issue while extracting data from non-APPS schema tables.
Posted: 04 January 2010 12:54 PM
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I have developed an ODBC application to extract data from Oracle E-Business Suite tables.
e.g. I am trying to extract data from HZ_IMP_PARTIES_INT table of Receivables application(Table is in “AR” database schema) using this ODBC application.

The performance of extraction (i.e. number of rows extracted per second) is very low if the table belongs to non-APPS schema. (e.g. HZ_IMP_PARTIES_INT belongs to “AR” database schema)
Now if I create same table (HZ_IMP_PARTIES_INT) with same data in “APPS” schema, the performance of extraction improves a lot. (i.e. the number of rows extracted per second increases a lot) with the same ODBC application.

The “APPS” user is used to connect to the database in both scenarios. 

Also note that my ODBC application creates multiple threads and each thread creates its own connection to the database. Each thread extract different data using SQL filter condition.

So, my question is:
Is APPS schema is optimized for any data extraction? I will really appreciate the pointers in this direction.