I want to know the effected tables if i increased the segment values in General Ledger
Posted: 04 September 2009 01:40 AM
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Let me explain my problem here

I want to increase the segments values in char of accounts.

At present we are using 8 segments.
What i need to do is

For Example.
what i need to do is i want to increase the segments values for segement2(1011),segment3(123),segment4(23) and segment6(22)
to segement2(001011),segment3(0123),segment4(023) and segment6(022)

111.1011   .123 .23 .19192.22(At Present)
111.001011.0123.023.19192.022(Need to do )

So if i changed the segments values here , some where the tables will effeted right,. so i want to know the all effected tables in FND,AP,AR,GL,FA,PA,PO and INV.

If any one has come across this problem please send me the document also.