How to Close an Open AR Invoice
Posted: 27 August 2009 06:23 PM
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Hi All,
Can any one help me with this issue.

I created an invoice, It’s status is ‘OP’ (OPEN) i.e STATUS_TRX and COMPLETE_FLAG =‘Y’ in RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL.

Also, a corresponding entry is created in AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES for this invoice its STATUS remains ‘OP’ until AMOUNT_DUE becomes 0(ZERO).

Now, when I create a Receipt for this particular invoice and apply full balance amount to that Invoice.

Status in AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES becomes ‘CL’(CLOSE), But Still RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL.STATUS_TRX remains ‘OP’ which should be CLOSE.

Is there any step which I am missing out or the AR system doesn’t update this field i.e STATUS_TRX.

Please suggest me any solution ASAP.

Thanks & Regards