The change that i had made in Workflow is not showing when i am running oracle apps
Posted: 24 May 2009 12:53 PM
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  i am working on workflow called poxwfrqa.wft (PO Requisition Approval) .
  i have added one functions .
  but when i am seeing the status diagram that change is not comming .

  Another thing is that is u search for workflow type “PO Requisition Approval”
  u will see that lots of “PO Requisition Approval” workflow is comming with different
  item key .
  My problem is that the change i did in workflow poxwfrqa.wft is not comming in
  any status diagram of different item key of same workflow .

  Kindly help me .


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Posted: 04 October 2010 01:27 PM   [ # 1 ]
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Hi - Once you make any changes to the workflow and save the changes to DB, the new workflow will be picked up and applicable only for the new workflow instances triggered for the workflow, and the old instances still follow the old version of the same workflow. try triggering a new instance and check if you could see the changes in the status diagram.


Chaitanya Kr