Title: Request Set Submission - how to make sure default values are passed on
Posted: 13 May 2009 10:31 PM
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Hi - I have a question regarding submission of request sets using PL/sql AP fnd_submit.submit_program.

I have created a request set with, say, 3 concurrent programs. I am submitting this request set from pl/sql code and passing the values for first 3 parameters. Rest of the parameters have default values defined. Each concurrent program in the request set can have different number of parameters, but first 3 will always remain same. Here is how I am submitting it:

success := fnd_submit.submit_program(‘XXFPS’,‘XXFPS_RPT_BILLINGDOC_CN10’, ‘STAGE10’,

When I do this, valid values are passed on for the first 3 parameters. But the default values are not picked up for the remaining arguments. The program mentioned above has following parameters:

1. Dispatching Administration   <- p_fpa_id
2. Year                       <- p_srvc_period_year
3. Quarter                     <- p_srvc_period_qtr
4. Administration of destination - Default value defined in the request set
5. Document Status           - Default value defined in the request set
6. Priroty Type                 - Default value defined in the request set
7. Mail Category               - Default value defined in the request set
8. Document Short Code       - Default value defined in the request set

Is there any other way of submitting the request set? I am using the APIs defined in the Oracle Application’s Developers Guide. The request set submission works perfectly fine if I pass the values for all of the parameters.