Configuring oracle Application with Harware load Balancer
Posted: 03 April 2009 01:05 PM
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Configuring oracle Application with Hardware load Balancer


We are running oracle Application 11.5.10 cu1 and planning to configure HTTP Layer Hardware Load Balancing.
We have created 2 Appliation tier in 2 server say ebs30 and ebs31. configure 2 pkg like
  ebl660a1- with ebs30
  ebl660a2- with ebs31 server.
Created a load blance url like
Follow the metalink note 217368.1
Where we replace all application host name to load balance url name like ebsl660 and domain name to context file and run the auto config.

Where as in load balncer
Create   Load balance URL— and Serverfaram = L660-SF
Configure the ServerFarm (L660-SF) with Apps tier pkg
serverfarm L660-SF
  nat server
  no nat client
  real <———- IP of pkg ebl660a1
  weight 16
  real <———- IP of pkg ebl660a2
  weight 16

Define the Prob details
  probe L660-PB script
  script EBS_PROBE “GET /OA_HTML/US/ICXINDEX.htm HTTP/1.0” html 0 8098 7852
  interval 60
  failed 10

We are able to start the service but unable to open the application when we go to

Can any one advice what need to be done to make it work.

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You have to talk to the comms team to allow the ports.