Incorrect Event-key for oracle.apps.inv.lotCreate Event subscription
Posted: 13 February 2009 12:38 PM
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    I have created event subscription as PL/SQL function for oracle.apps.inv.lotCreate Event.
In this PL/SQL function, i am calling “getEventKey” method on WF_EVENT_T object obtained.
However, value returned by this “getEventKey” method is incorrect. According to Oracle Inventory User Guide, event-key should be
Organization_id-Item_id-Lot_number. However i am getting some six digit number which is neither Organization_id nor Item_id nor Lot_number.
    I am using Oracle E-Business suite Release 12.

  Please let me know if anyone has faced similar problems? what was cause of such problem?
Any pointers regarding the issue will be highly appreciated.
Let me know if you require more information.