Modify fnd_product_installations
Posted: 31 October 2008 11:20 PM
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Modify fnd_product_installations

We are implementing Order Management and ran into an issue when testing our PROD setups (in a PROD backup).  The issue lead us to believe we had to install Advanced Pricing, though we are using the basic (shared) installation.  So we checked Advanced Pricing in the License Manager, which fully installed Advanced Pricing (QP).  This changed the status of QP in fnd_product_installations from “S” to “I”.  Oracle Support will not provide a fix, saying that once you install a product the only way to uninstall is to restore the application/database.  This is not a viable option for us.  We’ve modified the status of QP back to “S” and the Pricing forms are back to normal now.  Has anyone had experience with changing the status of a module in fnd_product_installations from “I” to “S” to revert back to a shared installation of a module?

If so, are there any other tables/ramifications to consider (other than Oracle claiming they won’t support our change)?