Query (F11) Using A Specified Voucher Number On Invoice Workbench Fails With ORA-1036 Error
Posted: 31 October 2008 02:30 AM
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Dear Sir,

While querying (with F11,Ctrl+F11) invoices using voucher number on Invoice Workbench the following error occurs.

ORA-1036 illegal variable name/number error. FRM-40505: ORACLE error:unable to perform query

I have seen in metalink regarding above error. They have mentioned like we have to install patch to get resolve above error while getting updated with new version of APXINWKB.fmb.

But we are having eight Organizations in our business. We are facing above error in only two Organizations in our business. We are not getting any error while querying invoices using voucher number on Invoice workbench in remaining six organizations. If there is any problem with version of APXINWKB.fmb or any profile options. We have to face same error with all organizations in our business. And also we are not getting error while querying with other fields on Invoice Workbench in those two organizations.

I have attached a document contains metalink solution of above error.

So, please help me to resolve this issue and let me know if you need any other information regarding this issue. I am very thankful to you.  smile

Thanks and Regards,
Ravi… (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

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