A day in the life of an Oracle Applications Consultant

Friday, July 30, 2004

Fndload is not a command line tool

Fndload is a tool used at patch-upgrade time to migrate data from the Oracle reference instance to your installation. Via fndload seeded responsibilities, menus, profile options and many many more are delivered.

Fndload can also be used at your project by dba’s or technical consultants to migrate-script the setup from one instance to an other. Those people will tell you that fndload requires a first set of mandatory parameters (apps/apps 0 Y) and then some object specific parameters.

But you do not need the unix prompt to use fndload. Make it a functional tool by creating a concurrent program that points to the seeded fndload executable.

Seeded examples you can explore in the instance you’re on now are:

  • Download HRMS Taskflows
  • Forms Configurator - Upload Template
  • Plan Design Copy - Import (Benefit plans)

Forget about the first set of parameters. The concurrent manager handles these for you. The only parameters you have to create and validate and restrict are the functional ones. In the examples above you can see how Oracle implemented it.