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Friday, August 13, 2004

Currency Formatting Profile Options in Oracle Applications

This post talks about various profile options available in Oracle Application to display your numerical values in the desired format.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks training users at the Government of Botswana on the Development and Recurrent Budgeting Processes we are implementing at this organisation. This week attendees pointed out that the thousand’s separator which is normally a comma was not being displayed for the numbers they were inputting and viewing. A quick search on Metalink revealed this note which points out the profile option that needs to be modified to correct this problem.

I thought it would be useful to mention three fairly useful currency profile options which can be found under the System Administrator responsibility through the following navigation path: Profile > System

1. Currency: Negative Format - Options: (XXXX),

, -XXXX, XXXX- (Hope this doesn’t attract too many adult site surfers)

2. Currency: Positive Format - Options: XXX, +XXX, XXX+

3. Currency: Thousands Separator - Options: Yes or No (setting this to Yes will ensure that the thousands are comma separated)