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Saturday, February 18, 2006

ClustrMaps analysis tool tracks Oracle Apps Blog Traffic

I have to rave about this really cool web site traffic analysis tool I’ve just added to the site . ClustrMaps graphically depicts where in the world your traffic is coming from by means of clustered dots on the world map.

If you take a look down the left hand pane of this site you’ll see the OracleAppsBlog ClustrMap which displays up to date traffic information for the blog. Clicking on the map will take you to a bigger picture of this blogs traffic distribution around the planet. Here’s an example of the world wide traffic distribution since I put the cluster map on the blog. It shows a heavy amount of traffic coming from the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and India which doesn’t suprise me at all since these are pretty much the most wired or internet savvy nations in the world.

World Wide Clustr Map for OracleAppsBlog

I’ve subscribed to ClustrMaps Plus which for a small monthly fee provides unlimited archives of old maps and allows you to zoom to continents. Below is an example of a drill down I performed to the United Kingdom traffic information. Talking of Stats, you’ll find further traffic analysis information for this blog at Statcounter, MyBlogLog and Site Meter

Uk Traffic Clustr Map for OracleAppsBlog