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Friday, June 03, 2005

CEO, Corporate and Product Blog Listings

Recently I came across an excellent Wiki which has a useful listing of Corporate, CEO and Product Blogs.

The wiki in question is entitled the New PR Wiki and was founded by Constantin Basturea. According to the ABOUT section of the site the New PR wiki is: -

  • a repository of relevant information about how the PR practice is changing
  • a collaboration tool for PR professionals and people interested in the practice of public relations
  • an open space where anyone can ask questions, post ideas, or start a project

What’s most useful about the site is all the different listings it has. Of course, being a wiki it means that you can contribute to the site where you see appropriate. For example, I’ve added this site to the list of product blogs. There’s also a listing of BizBlog Consultants for Professionals and firms offering blog-related consulting services. If you need to follow what’s going on in the blogosphere then take a look at the Upcoming Seminars and Conferences listing.

Apart from the listings you will also find useful information for bloggers on such topics as blogging policies and the legal challenges for bloggers. The cherry on the cake is that the wiki has an XML feed you can subscibe to so that you are kept informed of any updates. I highly recommend you take a look around this site!!