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Monday, May 08, 2006

ApplTop Solutions Offers 11i Productivity and Compliance Solutions Free of Charge

In a recent announcement, productivity and compliance software developer ApplTop Solutions Limited stated they are making their entire product suite, as well as a majority of the source code, available under their new ApplTop Free & Open Software License:

Under the new AFOS License, any organisation that is an “end user” of Oracle E-Business Suite (AFOS excludes competitors, service companies…etc) can download ApplTop Applications from the ApplTop website ( and install and use all of our products without charge. Furthermore, 99% of our source code is also available so you can help expand and improve our products (or maybe learn from them) by being part of the ApplTop Community Enhancement (ACE) program.

All products offered to e-Business Suite 11i end users by ApplTop Solutions are now available as a single installation, and are collectively referred to as ApplTop Applications. The products within the suite have been designed specifically for the Oracle 11i e-Business Suite, which ensures seamless integration and the same look and feel of the end user interface. Products available within ApplTop Applications include:

Development Products for Oracle 11i 

ASL*Form – enables the rapid creation of application extensions.
ASL*Rapport – provides the ability to create fully-integrated, interactive reports.

Security and Compliance Products for Oracle 11i 

ASL*Secure – allows you to define security policies to ensure critical and sensitive data is fully secured.
ASL*Audit – allows you to define auditing rules to ensure critical and sensitive data is fully audited, maintaining accountability and integrity within the e-Business Suite.
ASL*Comply – enables you to quickly and easily define your Segregation of Duties (SOD) conflict matrix, at both the responsibility and function level, and then implement that matrix to automatically prevent, monitor and report on any SOD conflicts within the system.

Productivity Products for Oracle 11i 

ASL*Enquire – provides the user with a fully integrated and simple interface for executing SQL queries against the database.
ASL*Accelerate – allows you to enhance, personalize, and streamline the e-Business Suite screens without risk.

If you currently use or plan to use any of ApplTop’s current product offering, please share your experiences by posting a comment or opening a topic on the forum.