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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Oracle Applications Documentation - Training Courseware

This post contains information about some useful Oracle Applications Training Courseware.

The University of Northern Iowa has implemented a Modern Executive Management Financial Information System (MEMFIS) using Oracle E-Business Suite.

According to their web site: -

The MEMFIS Project at the University of Northern Iowa is a campus-wide initiative with the primary objective of replacing the core system of human resource, payroll, general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, grants and contracts, projects, and budgeting. In July 2001 general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable and cash management went “live”. Additional modules are scheduled for implementation in 2004. These modules include human resources, advanced benefits, self service HR, payroll, and time collection”.

I had a look at the site and believe that in particular their training courseware might be particularly useful for anyone implementing or learning Oracle Applications.

Oracle Documentation for the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS)

The George Washington University has implemented an Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) using Oracle Applications. This post contains links to the business forms, procedure documentation and training materials used in the implementation.

The Universities implementation of an Enterprise Accounting System (EAS) has been very well documented. On this site you will find various business forms, procedure documentation and training materials which I am sure will be helpful to anyone implementing Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle Applications and E-Business Suite Forum Listing

I’ve prepared a listing of what I believe to be the best forums for people to discuss Oracle Applications issues. I’ve chosen the forums that have a functional orientation rather than technical. I’ve tried to rank them according to how good I believe each forum is. If anyone knows of any that should be added to the list then please let me know.

  1. ITtoolbox - the ORACLE-APPS-L discussion group is for the technical and functional discussion of Oracle Applications. This forum has a membership base of +2,500 and an average of 6 - 20 posts a week.
  2. Oracle Technology Network (OTN) - although OTN has a technical orientation they actually have a forum for E-Business Suite which has categories according to industry and module.
  3. Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) - OAUGNet provides a listserv forum for discussing all aspects of implementing and using Oracle Applications. The only down side to this forum is it’s not web based although a recent e-mail I received indicates they’re about to upgrade.
  4. Metalink - Login to Metalink and click on the Forums button. Here there are forums for most of the modules within E-Business Suite. Your chances of getting an answer to any of your questions are fairly good since the forum are monitored by Oracle Support.
  5. OracleFans - here the are several technical and non-technical discussion forums, the most useful one for persons with "functional" skills being the Oracle Applications Forum.
  6. - here there is an E-Business Suite discussion Forum.
  7. Tek-Tips Forums - here there are many IT related forums and Oracle forums. The best Apps related discussion area is the Oracle ERP Solutions forum.
  8. Oracle FAQ - many Oracle Message Boards, Apps implementor’s should visit the E-Business Suite Forum.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Speeding up Oracle Hrms API debugging

One of my personal favorites is a little trick to speed up development and debugging of Oracle Hrms API’s.

The code behind the API’s has lots of trace statements. You can turn it on by calling “hr_utility.trace_on;”. But the output is now only available through a tool called PYUPIP. This is the one support asks many times for.

Just add one extra call to the previous one, and the trace messages are rerouted to dbms_output.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oracle HRMS (Human Resources Management System) and Payroll Blog

Thierry Vergult an experienced Oracle HRMS and Payroll consultant has a blog entitled “Implementing HRMS: My Daily Experiences”. This post contains details of the blog.

According to Thierry “After 6 years implementing Oracle HRMS, I want to share my experiences and personal opinions about it. I’m an independent consultant, and have been busy on several projects, mainly in Europe and Africa, implementing all the HRMS modules. My personal favourite by far is Payroll. I do project Management, functional stuff and technical development. Application tuning is my cup of tea”. The blog can be found at You should also check out OPAYRA, another site that Thierry has started up.

I’ve asked Thierry if he would like to blog for this site under the HRMS and Payroll category. He has very kindly agreed, so welcome aboard Thierry!! You can read Thierry’s membership profile here or if you’re a member you can e-mail Thierry via the profile e-mail console.

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