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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Subscribe to IT, Business and Engineering Trade Publications and Magazines for FREE

TradePub offers you free subscriptions and dowloads to a number of computer, business and engineering trade publications, magazines and documents.

Of course, this only really applies to the US. However, the Geography section of their site indicates which subscriptions are available internationally.

A quick Oracle search reveals the following magazines and white papers are available:

  • DM Review
  • Database Trends and Applications
  • Oracle – Strategies for SOA Success
  • Oracle Magazine
  • Informatica - Putting Metadata to Work to Achieve the Goals of Data Governance
  • Informatica - Implementing or Upgrading SAP? Don’t Forget the Data
  • Informatica - A Strategic Foundation to Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data
  • Informatica - Data Migration Solution Brief
  • Informatica - Addressing Data Quality at the Enterprise Level: Six Questions to Ensure Enterprise High-Quality Data
  • Informatica - Enterprise Data Integration in Financial Services: Leveraging the Value of Your Data Assets

TradePub also has a blog which keeps you up to date with any new publications and white papers being released. 

Don’t forget you can also subscribe to Oracle Profit Magazine (a less technically oriented Oracle magazine) for free internationally!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oracle and Profit Magazine now have RSS feeds

I recently blogged about Oracle adding extensive RSS support to the OTN forums. Yesterday I noticed that both the Oracle and Profit Magazine now have RSS feeds you can subscribe to. Subscribing to the feeds means you’ll be notified of what’s in a new issue of each of these magazines.

It’s nice to see that Oracle is taking RSS seriously and attaching feeds to most areas of their site. My only complaint to date is that they haven’t attached an RSS feed to their Press Releases so I have to visit the site every day to see whether it’s been updated rather than receiving a notification via RSS.

Links to the feeds:

Oracle ACE program

Congratulations to Mark Rittman, who’s just blogged that he’s been awarded the “Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice” award for “Oracle ACE of the Year 2005”, and has just taken part in an interview that’ll appear in Oracle Magazine in Nov/Dec 2005.

What’s an Oracle ACE?

According to the Oracle ACE site:

To foster the growing community network that is a fixture of the Oracle “ecosystem,” Oracle has launched the Oracle ACE program, which formally recognizes Oracle advocates with strong credentials as “activists” in that network.

Oracle ACEs are technically proficient and eager to share their experience, whether through writing books, articles, or blogs, speaking at events, participating in OTN Discussion Forums, or simply serving as Oracle advocates in their respective organizations. Candidates are nominated by either existing Oracle ACEs or Oracle product management on an ongoing basis and ratified by a nomination committee.

I think this program is a great way to encourage individuals to promote your organization and associated products. You’ll notice when reading through the Oracle ACE profile’s that some of the ACE’s have their own blogs and most of the individuals mentioned have written thousands of posts on the OTN forums.

Mark’s blog covers the more technical aspects of Oracle and inspired me to create a blog that was more applications orientated. Looking forward to a meet up of all the Oracle bloggers at the UKOUG conference.

I’m really interested to see who the other winners are in the Oracle Magazine Editor’s Choice awards for 2005 and will update the blog when I find out.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Oracle Applications Magazines

This post contains details of the various Oracle Applications Magazines that are in production.

Having consulted in Oracle Applications for the past 3 years I am always keen to read any articles and papers I can get my hands on relating to Oracle Apps. I also write quite a few articles myself so obviously I was keen to find magazines to write for. In this post I’ve tried to mention only those mags that have a functional or non-technical orientation.

Oracle Scene

Scene is the Official Magazine of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG). It is produced quarterly and has a circulation of about 1,600. They accept articles from any region or continent in the categories of Business and Management, Applications and Technical (DBA and Developer). If you would like to share an interesting implementation experience or impart some knowledge that may benefit other users, then please visit the links below. Should your article be accepted for publication you will be sent a complimentary issue of the magazine. The Magazine is produced on a quarterly basis and is free if you are a member of the UKOUG. The User Group offers an annual subscription for additional copies of Oracle Scene to all members and nominated contacts for £20.00 each, and to Non Members for £40.00.

OAUG Insight

This is the official magazine of the Oracle Applications User Group. It is produced on a quarterly basis and in order to receive it you will need to be a member of the OAUG. As far as I know the magazine accepts unsolicited articles - you just need to contact the editor.


This is a quarterly publication which always makes a good read, especially if you need to keep up with what’s happening in the Oracle World. The content is more high level and tends to contain a lot of marketing material since it is an official publication of Oracle. Unfortunately they do not accept unsolicited articles, however, it is free! You can read it online, access magazine archives or subscribe to Profit here

If any readers know of any other Oracle


Magazines that are in production, drop me a mail or add the details as a comment to this post.