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Thursday, February 01, 2007 Launches E-Business Suite Technical and Functional Q & A Forum

I just received an e-mail from Jason Howlett of informing me that today they have launched an E-Business Suite Technical and Functional Q & A Forum.

An excerpt of the mail states:

We are pleased to announce the launch today of the E-Business Suite Technical and Functional Forums.

The E-Business Suite Forum is a free of charge web support service created by and available to Oracle Apps Contractors that won’t clog your inbox!

With an intended global contribution it has been created to encourage collaboration between Contractors to offer a way to access and leverage Q & A support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is hoped that it will be a gateway to what we believe to be the largest and most powerful global Oracle E Business Suite knowledgebase - “The Contractors”.

The Following Tracks have been created:

  • Oracle Apps Database Administration
  • Oracle Apps Project Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Oracle CRM
  • Oracle Development Subjects
  • Oracle Financials
  • Oracle Fusion
  • Oracle HRMS
  • Oracle Manufacturing
  • Oracle OA Framework & XML Publisher
  • Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Process Management
  • Oracle Product Lifecycle Management
  • Oracle Projects Suite
  • Oracle Supply Chain
  • Oracle Training Topics

Their blog has some very good contributions to date so I’m sure the forum will prove to be a very useful information source for anyone interested in Oracle technical and functional questions and answers. When I first started implementing Oracle, there were very few decent forums around, now there’s an abundance of forums one can use to post questions and review answers on - see this listing of other Oracle Applications and E-Business Suite Forums and if you know of any not on the list, then add your comments and I’ll be sure to include them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Forums now have RSS support

Been meaning to blog about this since it was announced but only remembered to now. The OTN forums now have extensive RSS support i.e. you can subscribe to entire categories or an individual discussion.

You’ll find a comprehensive listing of RSS feeds you can subscribe to here.

Justin Kestelyn announced this on the OTN blog and had this to say:

Thanks to a major software upgrade (we’ve gone from v2.6.5 of Jive to 4.1.2), the OTN discussion forums now include native RSS feeds, user status levels, more accurate and reliable search, and a much improved UI.

Excellent work, congratulations to the OTN team!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oracle Apps Forum RSS feed

The forum now has an RSS feed which you can subcribe to here. You’ll also see a graphic at the bottom of the forums page which when clicked on will take you to the feed. Autodiscovery code has also been added to the forum so that browsers with RSS support (like Firefox) will automatically detect the feed. Let me know if you have any issues.

Subscribing to the RSS feed is an effective way to stay up to date with what’s been added to the forum, alternatively you can choose the option View New Posts on the forum home page to see what’s been added since your last visit.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oracle Applications Forum Launches

I’ve now installed the EE discussion forum and have set up the Oracle Applications Forum which can be accessed on the top menu bar of the home page.

To start off with I’ve created three categories each of which have their own sub-categories. The categories are as follows:

  • Apps Forum - members only
  • Apps Community - public but moderated
  • Other Enterprise Systems - public but moderated

If you feel their is a need for more/less categories, please let me know. One of the nice things about this discussion forum module is that it is feature rich. It has features in it that I have not seen in many other forum packages and I hope that members will make the most of these. Two quite useful features that come to mind are the ability to conduct polls and the facility to upload attachments (such as CV’s, presentations, white papers or sample documentation). The discussion forum module also has really good support for private messaging between members participating in the forum. At this point in time the forum does not have an RSS feed but this will be added shortly.

Any feedback and suggestions you may have for the forum would be much appreciated and I have created a sub category for this in the Apps Forum. I’ve also decided that any job postings will in future go on the forum as opposed to the blog. Please spread the word about the forum as it will only be useful it we have many participants. Lastly, if you are interested in being a moderator please let me know.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oracle Applications forum coming to this blog soon

I read with excitement the other day that ExpressionEngine v1.3 is due to be released quite soon. One of the new modules they will be introducing provides the ability to run a forum. I’ve been toying with the idea of running a forum on this site as I’ve suspected for quite some time that they might introduce this module.

Certainly there are already a number of other forums out there right now which I discussed in a post entitled Oracle Applications and E-Business Suite Forum Listing. The key to a forum being successful would be to differentiate it from the others that are out there as well as build an audience that would use it.

The first way I would do this is keep the forum aligned with the content on this site i.e. it would be focused on Oracle Applications.

Secondly, I believe the forum would immediately be different to the others out there as the software running it is feature rich and would provide users with a lot of options. To get an idea of what I’m talking about go and visit the pmachine forums which are now being run using EE1.3. The forum has a lot of features which I think the readers of this blog would appreciate. For example, you can run a poll on a post that you’ve created as well as upload file attachments.

Lastly, the forum would enable members and readers of the blog to initiate conversations rather than relying on blog authors to do this.

I would be grateful to receive comments and feedback from readers on my decision to run a forum on this site. In addition to this, any ideas you have for the forum would be much appreciated.

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