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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Configuring the ADI client to connect to the database

This post outlines how to configure the ADI client software to connect to the database. It’s aimed at non-technical people and assumes that you have already configured the TNSNAMES.ora file.

Assumed TNSNAMES.ORA file settings

Typical TNSNAMES.ORA lines

ADI database connection settings

To get to the settings displayed below, from the ADI toolbar click on the signon button. In the Signon screen, on the bottom left hand side of the screen you should then click on the Define Basis button and configure your connection.

An example of how to configure your ADI client database connection

The name and description you give to the database connection can be user defined. The GWYUID and FNDNAM settings are consistent for most databases that you connect to and lastly, the connect string should be the same as the SID contained in the TNSNAMES.ORA

Transfer of Budget Worksheet, Revision and Dossier transactions to the Oracle General Ledger

Having implemented Oracle Public Sector Budgeting at two fairly large sites, I’ve gained a good understanding of how Oracle’s Budgeting solution fits together.  This post aims to outline the different methods used to post Budget data from Public Sector Budgeting and OPSF(I) in to the General Ledger.

I felt the best way to explain how Oracle Budget data is posted into General Ledger would be by using a table as displayed below. The table outlines how budgeting data for a particular area of budgeting is posted in to the General Ledger and also identifies what journal sources and categories would be utilised. One of the main reasons for me writing this post is I felt that these procedures were not clearly outlined in the Oracle Documentation and where it was outlined it was in different manuals. I also get the feeling that the three main mechanisms of getting budget data into the General Ledger, namely worksheets, revisions and dossiers, were perhaps developed by different development teams or at different time periods.

This table I have prepared will consolidate the methodology for posting budget data relating to worksheets, revisions and dossiers into one place. My hope is that this will help someone else implementing the same modules who may be going through the same struggle as I initially went through.

Methodology for transferring Worksheets, Revisions and Dossiers to General Ledger

How to transfer PSB and OPSF(I) transactions to Oracle General Ledger

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Web ADI vs. ADI Client

This documentation provides an architectural and functional comparision between Web ADI and the ADI client

Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) - Architectural Comparison

Architectural Comparison of Web ADI with the ADI client

Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator (ADI) - Functional Comparison

Functional Comparison of Web ADI with the ADI client

* Expected to be released soon through Web ADI
** Available through General Ledger in Oracle Applications release 11.5
*** You can only monitor requests in Web ADI. The publishing capabilities of the Request Centre will be incorporated into a new web enabled reporting product.

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